I have been working with Indepth Counselling for several months now, and they have provided a secure environment where I feel safe and heard when I am at my most vulnerable. They have allowed me to express my thoughts, and helped me understand more about the workings of my brain and emotions, which in turn taught me tools to use in my day-to-day challenges. The atmosphere of Indepth Counselling’s office is warm and inviting, and most importantly non-judgmental, and I am forever grateful to both Alain and Patti for providing that.

E. — Nov 27, 2019

Working with Alain has been a transformative experience. He has helped me confront and transcend the limiting beliefs that were holding me back in my life. He is a wise, compassionate and truly gifted therapist. Throughout my time as his client, I have witnessed myself evolve into the person I wish to become, by increasing my emotional intelligence and confidence. No matter what the issue is, Alain helps me develop a perceptive through courage and compassion, to find meaningful resolutions in my personal and relationship challenges. His counselling has been a gift in my life and I look forward to being his client for many years. I strongly recommend his services to everyone in my life.

-C — Oct 21, 2019

Patti and Alain,

For many years I was lost in a very deep sadness, feeling helpless and overwhelmed with no idea why or what I could do about it. I tried fighting these feelings and to remain strong but I was unable as everything seemed to be getting continually worse and I began feeling a powerful sense of complete hopelessness. I hit rock bottom.

You both changed my life. Your knowledge, understanding, caring guidance and professionalism repaired the damage within me and provided me with the understanding to look back at my life and realize what took place and why this caused me to feel the way I did. You have provided me with a new outlook, launching me in a very positive direction. I have worked very hard in this process to accept the knowledge and guidance you have provided to me and I have transformed myself into a confident, proud individual and I cherish everything about who I am. No longer will I let other people’s problems negatively affect me.

I thank you so very very much my Friends!

Wes — Nov 12, 2016

I’ve been seeing Patti and Alain since Aug this year and have nothing but excellent comments to say about these therapists. They’ve been my rock and comfort zone. They are extremely caring understanding and smart people I’m calmer and have a confidence I’ve never had before. They will be missed I’ll always keep in touch with them as I now consider them long distant friends.

B.B. — Nov 5, 2016

Patti is amazing and completely changed my life.

Marie D. — Jan 13, 2016

I found Alain to be very helpful in dealing with lots of trauma from a very young age which was causing a lot of anger in my life. He was gentle, understanding and never made me feel rushed. I would highly recommend him.

Denise — Aug 31, 2016

Alain is very good at Hypnosis and Counseling. I always leave with new ways to look at my life situations and more confident. He challenges me, in a good way. I would recommend him and i have recommended him to some people. He is caring and knowledgeable.

Michelle C. — Oct 29, 2016

This incredible woman gave me the power to heal myself and pick myself up when I was at the lowest I’ve ever been. From healing to empowering, Patti has turned my life around and made me the person I’m proud to be today. She helped me to realize how much potential there is in me to create the life I desire and made sure I allow myself to succeed. If you truly listen to her and give the permission to be, it will get better from here, because she cares.

Jimmy L. — Nov 1, 2016

I was lucky to meet Patti three years ago. So broken my husband of 30 years walks out, and I find out he molested my daughter. This wonderful lady help me put my life together. I am 61 years old and I can say I love me and I’m ready for the next journey of my life thank you so much Patti . I would not be in my happy place if not for her. She gave me my life back❤️️Thank You

-B — Jul 17, 2016

I finally decided it was time for me to get help with my struggling relationships. I attend Individual, marriage, and Family counselling with huge a turnaround in my life, I am now seeing a change in my behavior which is creating much better relationships with my Wife, son and daughter. Patti is not only a trusted advisor but a friend, and one of the wisest people in my life. I have and will continue to recommend her every chance I get!

-Chris — Oct 23, 2016

Before I found this amazing human being, Patti, I had spent most of my life trying to figure myself out by going to different counsellors, reading self help books, going to seminars, watching and listening to motivational audio books (like Tony Robbins) nothing could change me as Patti did , she created a safe, sacred space that allowed me to be completely vulnerable to share things that I have never shared with anyone, and to support me in ways no friends or family members could.

I am so grateful to have Patti in our lives who not only changed my life but also saved my teenage daughter’s life.

In addition to supporting me through so many ups and downs in my life, what I am most grateful for is her ability to see me and how she has helped me to see me.

Thank you…for loving me when I couldn’t love me, for your compassion, kindness, giving, and encouragement for the last 4 years. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if I didn’t know you.

Thank you again for helping me to change and save myself, my life and my daughter.


-Masa — Sep 14, 2016

“Seeing Patti was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I was a 15 year old girl who was suicidal, depressed, & angry at the world. From all the counsellors, psychiatrists, & psychologists I’ve seen, (and even one that prescribed me anti-depressants) none of them did even 1% of the work with me on myself that I got to experience with Patti. I owe everything to this woman as she truly saved my life when I lost all hope; and in just 7 months my life completely flipped around. In your sessions you’ll to get have eye opening perspectives on your life you have never experienced before. I’m now 18, living a life I never imagined was possible for myself, and see Patti every so often if I ever need her.”

– Daria — Nov 3, 2016


Alain Langlais always conducted our sessions with the highest professionalism. During all of our sessions, I felt safe, valued and cared for. By being compassionate, patient and encouraging, Alain helped me tremendously to find confidence and face long-buried issues and find clarity to move forward. I highly recommend Alain as a healer in the field of hypnotherapy.

Kind regards,

Andrea — Oct 31, 2016

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be”.
Douglas Adams

This rings very true in regards to the life lessons and gifts given to me by Patti. I had the absolutely divine pleasure of meeting Patti almost four years ago, and later her wonderful husband Alain, who was also very instrumental in helping me along the way. They are a very powerful team!
Patti has been my light on a long journey that has finally twisted through the dark forest and back to the trail I need to be on. It was not an easy path, but with Patti by my side we worked through the issues and pain to “end up where I intended to be”.Patti has always gone above and beyond, and truly cares for and understands people in a way I have never experienced before. Patti has and will continue to be my safe place, someone I can share anything with and be comfortable in her extremely knowledgeable and wise care. I trust her and follow her with all my heart.

Thank you Patti!