The Invisible Shackles of Shame

As infants and through our formative years, we are attached to our primary caregivers. Our primary caregiver is like the sun to us as we orbit them and live our lives by their will. From our wake and sleep times to our diet and emotions, our caregivers play a crucial role in the development of […]

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Therapy’s Role in Addiction Recovery

When we talk about addiction, many of us immediately assume that we are referring to an alcohol or drug- related compulsion. The reality is that addiction involves so much more than the substance, or behaviour, of choice. It might surprise you, however, that although the resulting behavioral, physical and social implications of addiction differ, the […]

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Is it really a problem or just a challenge?

Is it really a problem or just a challenge?Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”. The way we choose to think about the problem and the way we choose to adopt the problem determines the outcome of the problem. As we do that, we are becoming […]

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The emotional side of our brain

The emotional side of our brainHave you ever felt something tickling the back of your neck and right away panicked at the thought of a spider or a giant scary bug having landed on you? To then realize that it was just a fly or someone teasing you with a feather or a simple stick. […]

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What is a negative attitude?

A negative attitude is something that happens when we feel out of control and see the situation in the worst possible way. It is when our mind gets in a manner that is not very constructive, cooperative, or optimistic.It can easily take control over our life and big decisions or choices such as; a new […]

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The Couple Brain Trap

The human mind is an incredible and complex machine It absorbs and processes an enormous amount of material every second and can recall and use that information with often little effort. One of the primary ways our brain is successful in doing this is by automating familiar information. Think of learning to drive. As a […]

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Effective Communication with Adolescents and Teens

Parenting has never been easy and it only seems to be getting more complicated in today’s busy, high pressure lifestyle. It can feel almost overwhelming for many parents to balance the pressures of career and finance with the complexity of supporting their children physically and emotionally. Although every family has its unique set of challenges, […]

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Vulnerability – the glue of intimate relationships

So here I go! I suppose that’s an odd intro to an article on relationship vulnerability, however to those familiar with my resistance to starting this journey it’s a great breakthrough. I choose to go forth and challenge my comfort, publicly sharing my thoughts with all of you.

While counselling many couples and families in my practice I have observed again and again that vulnerability is the glue to intimate relationships. Through risking vulnerability there is a closeness and unity, and through fearing and avoiding it we create distance.

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