Family dynamics can be a complicated and sensitive balance within a home. This can be made increasingly complicated by divorce, blended families, individual parenting, spiritual values, health issues and much more. Counseling can provide family members a neutral voice and a place to be heard when fighting and arguing is impacting daily functioning and happiness, of one or more family members. We also help develop necessary tools to resolve conflict in a healthy way, bringing peace and harmony back to everyday lives.


Children, like adults, can be affected by anxiety, stress, pressure and self-esteem issues. It can be very challenging for children to balance a busy lifestyle of sports, school, friends, and personal growth. It can also be very challenging for parents to watch and support their child as they struggle. We use child play therapy as a great tool to support young children in expressing their inner thoughts and feelings, while also creating tools and strategies for how they can cope with things better. We will also work with the parents, as needed to better understand their child and learn tools on how to support them.


Raising teenagers can be challenging as they battle to exert their independence from their parents, often creating conflict and behavioral issues. These conflicts can put an enormous strain on both the teen and the family. We will work to identify the root of the conflict as well as support families in new and more effective ways of interacting. Together we will work towards creating an environment of comfort and respect for both the parents and the teen.