Couples counselling focuses on developing strong communication skills, conflict resolution techniques, forgiveness, and effective dialogue. Many couples experience frustration at some point in their relationship where they feel they are not heard, valued or even loved any more. A toxic cycle of blaming, fighting and pulling away begins to form, creating distance and fatigue. For others an affair has shaken the very core of the safety and love they once felt in their relationship. It can be an agonizing and terrifying discovery for the partner who has been betrayed, and strong feelings of guilt, shame and a lack of understanding to how it even happened for the offending partner. Whether you are looking for a tune up to build back the excitement and communication in your relationship, or are battling recovery from an affair or deterioration over years, we will work to get you back on track. We focus on build skills to overcome challenges of conflict, heal wounds, release anger and resentment, rebuilding trust after betrayal, learning new ways to keep a sexual relationship alive, and much more.

Separation and/or Divorce Counselling

In some situations one or both partners in the relationship feel the relationship is no longer salvageable. Due to the gravity of this decision, multiple factors and thorough discussion is beneficial. Counselling is available to help facilitate discussion to reach a decision, not rebuild the relationship. Counselling is also available for couples who have already separated or divorced and would like to resolve animosity and conflict between them and create a more positive relationship apart. Often this type of counselling is used when partners have separated or divorced with children, and would like resolve conflict affecting their ability to co parent.