Many forms of psychological therapy are available today, however, hypnotherapy can be distinctive for us because it deals with the subconscious mind.

Everything that we have experienced, from birth up to the present, is recorded in our subconscious mind. Just like on the hard drive of our computer. The older we get, the more we are unaware of some of this information that is sitting there. Physical behaviour stems from the subconscious, i.e. the way we feel about ourselves or the way we deal with some issues. No one consciously chooses to behave in ways that cause them problems! One of the great concepts of modern hypnotherapy is that all behavior is trying to achieve a purpose, even if the effects of that behavior are counter-productive. In other words, the unconscious mind has convinced itself that the problem behavior is “useful” for us in some way, and persists despite all the evidence against it.

Hypnotherapy can be a very efficient way of releasing negative thought and emotions that can make us feel unhappy and unable to live a fulfilled and normal life. Hypnotherapy can also manipulate and override certain behaviours that we don’t like about ourselves.