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We strive to provide superior counselling and hypnotherapy services that enable you to successfully pursue and achieve your dreams for your future. Life is a journey filled with change and challenges, through counselling and hypnotherapy we aspire to equip you with the necessary tools to manifest your dreams of your future, free of the restrictions and pains of your past.

We work in a collaborative effort with children, teens, couples and families in discovering and achieving their full potential.

We provide flexible appointment times and respond quickly to email and phone requests.

Communication & Relationship Conflicts · Anxiety & Depression
Low Self Esteem Issues · Intimacy Problems · Infidelity · Grief · Trauma & Abuse
Divorce · Decision Making · Boundaries & Assertiveness
Self Discovery & Awareness

Latest client testimonial

“For many years I was lost in a very deep sadness, feeling helpless and overwhelmed with no idea why or what I could do about it. I tried fighting these feelings and to remain strong but I was unable as everything seemed to be getting continually worse and I began feeling a powerful sense of complete hopelessness. I hit rock bottom…”
Wes — Nov 12, 2016

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